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You can start off with quite a small bank, around £30 is possible but the more you start off with, the more quickly you will make larger returns.

The more time you spend placing bets and the more quickly you turn things over, the more money you will make. Try to be active on a daily basis.

If you make a mistake, don't panic! Most mistakes can be rectified or at least limited, ie if you back the wrong horse or whatever, by laying it off you can minimise any losses.

I strongly recommend you use a Matched Betting company such as Profit Accumulator - this will massively help you increase profits, minimise risks etc and the monthly fee is nothing compared to the extra money you will make.

Always place your lay bet before your back bet as there is more likely to be issues with the lay bet, ie insufficient funds to match the bet etc.

Try to avoid dipping into your winnings but instead reinvest them into your bank. As your bank grows you can place larger bets and more bets, thus increasing your earnings.

If you are looking for arbs and use the oddsmatcher from Profit Accumulator you will find the best odds early in the morning. The best bets have usually gone well before noon.

Read my Blog and learn from my mistakes!

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