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I have been using these guys since I started Matched Betting and I would recommend them to anyone.

I do have an affiliate account with them, so if you sign up using a link on this site, I will be paid a commission. If you don't want me to get any commission, just type into your browser or use another company such as Odds Monkey. Personally I find Profit Accumulator is easier to use and has more tools.


The only real drawback is the cost, typically around £20 a month, but honestly it's worth it just for the time-saving, not having to search for bets etc. If you aren't making a hundred pounds a month minimum then I wouldn't bother with Matched Betting full stop, so the membership fee is really quite trivial. Plus you will earn more, much more than your monthly fee simply by using their extra features, more on those down the page.


Profit Accumulator has a lot of easy to follow video tutorials that explain exactly what to do in beginners terms. This is priceless information for a newbie, highly recommended.

They also have a list of "beginners" offers that shows you which bookies offer what free bets. Simply by using these free bets would see you earn a profit of around £300 in a timescale to suit you. If you then go on to the "advanced" offers theres over £1,000 to be made.

As well as the above they give you Casino and Bingo offers as well as Reload offers. Several thousand pounds to be had and enough to go at for several months.

But the really cool thing about Profit Accumulator is the tools you get to use as a member.

For example they have an "Odds Matching" tool. This is extremely clever and you can check it on a daily basis to find "Arbitrage" bets that guarantee a profit even if you don't have any free bets to use.

An Arbitrage (or Arb) is where the bookmakers odds vary enough for there to be an arbitrage, for example:

If Bookie A has Murray to beat Djokovic at 2-1 (3.0) and Bookie B has Djokovic at 2-1 to beat Murray, if you put £10 on Murray to win with bookie A and the same on Djokovic with bookie B, you would win regardless of the outcome. ie you stake £20 and return £30 giving a 50% profit.

Now that is a very extreme example, in real-life you will get a profit around the 10% range but it explains the concept. Once you've built up a bank of a few hundred pounds or so, 10% a day profit is very nice thank you - you will double your money in about a week!

They also have a Matched Betting calculator that is invaluable. By using this you can work out exactly how much to bet and lay and what the returns will be in either outcome. You can also use a slider on the calculator to vary the amounts slightly and that will instantly tell you how that will affect the returns. This works for any bets you choose, so as I say, invaluable.

Finally they have a forum for Platinum members where you can ask questions, get help and read about what other Matches Bettors are up to. There will also be some additional special offers and hints and tips on there on a more or less daily basis.

As I say I am affiliated with Profit Accumulator as they pay me commision on people who sign up using my link. But I am really just a satisfied customer as you can see from the Blog posts. If I wasn't convinced by their offering I wouldn't be posting any of this in the first place.

Oh, they also offer a money-back guarantee if you do fail to make a profit.

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